Electric Traffic

Welcome to My Game!

Paper Prototype

Describe Scene

In a nutshell the game is about electron flow in a wire. Electro is an electron and he has to get to work. His work is getting to his device so he can make it work. To get there he has to go through wire and everyday there's traffic. Traffic represents the resistance inside the wire and resistance is determined by length, the cross-sectional area and the material of the wire. Can electro overcome this traffic?

Describe Player

The player's name is electro. Electro has to go to work but there is traffic. He has to pass through different types of wires to get to the electrical tool he is supposed to power. The player doesn't have any special movements other than simple up, down, left, right movement. The player's goal is to pass through the different types of wire.

Describe Enemy

One factor that determines resistance in the wire is its material. It is harder for electrons to go through certain types of material like rubber and it's easier for electrons to go through materials like steel. To represent that, I will be using blocks within the wires and they will either be big or small depending the material.

Describe Collectibles

No collectibles

Describe Splash, Win and Lose Screens

The splash will be a picture of electro which will just be an electron with a face. I want to have multiple splash screens or multiple pages to give instructions to the player and to provide the premise as well. When they finish the game, I want the player to see a picture of electro reaching his electrical tool. The win screen just provides a visual of the character reaching his final destination. Most if not all of the learning is done while playing the game.

Video Explaining Paper Prototype